Gurman says, ‘Our voice is their voice’ in explaining the importance of physician advocacy

At a time when the state of health care is in flux, it is critical that physicians engage in the national debate by telling their stories and those of their patients to help create change, according to Andrew W. Gurman, MD, immediate past president of the AMA.“Our country deserves better, and it is up to us as America’s doctors to keep the health and vitality of our patients, our fellow citizens [and] our friends at the forefront of these discussions,” Gurman said in a presentation at the American Society for (Read more...)

Timing key to success of repositioning misaligned toric IOLs

IOL repositioning due to misalignment of toric IOLs should be performed between 1 and 3 weeks after primary surgery, according to a study. The data of 6,431 eyes implanted with toric IOLs at eight surgical sites in Japan were retrospectively reviewed. Forty-two eyes (0.653%) underwent repositioning surgery at an average of 9.9 ± 7.5 days.