ReSTOR 2.5 combined with ReSTOR 3.0 reduces glare and halos, need for computer glasses

John A. Hovanesian
WASHINGTON — Patients who underwent cataract surgery and received a ReSTOR 2.5 D multifocal IOL in their dominant eye and a ReSTOR 3.0 D IOL in the fellow eye reported less of a need for computer glasses and less halo and glare compared with patients who received a ReSTOR 3.0 D IOL in both eyes, according to a speaker here.
A questionnaire was administered to patients who had undergone cataract surgery with bilateral ReSTOR IOLs (Alcon). The study included 89 patients who received 2.5 D and 3.0 (Read more...)

AYOXXA introduces new LUNARIS Mouse 12-Plex Th17 Kit for quantitative analysis of Th17 cell biology

AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH, an international biotechnology company, focused on the development of innovative multiplex protein analysis technologies enabling translational research in basic and clinical research, today announced the expansion of its catalogue of immunoassays for multiplex protein analysis with the introduction of LUNARIS™ Mouse 12-Plex Th17 Kit for the quantitative analysis of soluble mouse T helper 17 (Th17) cell-related markers.

New Glasses Slow Down Myopic Progression in Children

Scientists working at Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed a lenses for glasses that are able to slow down myopic progression in children. The center of the lens works as in a common pair of glasses, adjusting for myopia and astigmatism, while around this region the lens consists of dozens of spots of myopic defocus […]