Associations of Anisometropia with Unilateral Amblyopia, Interocular Acuity Difference, and Stereoacuity in Preschoolers

Purpose: To evaluate the relationship of anisometropia with unilateral amblyopia, interocular acuity difference (IAD), and stereoacuity among Head Start preschoolers using both clinical notation and vector notation analyses. Design: Multicenter, cross-sectional study. Participants: Three- to 5-year-old participants in the Vision in Preschoolers (VIP) study (n = 4040). Methods: Secondary analysis of VIP data from participants who underwent comprehensive eye examinations, including monocular visual acuity testing, stereoacuity testing, and cycloplegic refraction. Visual acuity was retested with full cycloplegic correction when retest criteria were met. Unilateral amblyopia was defined as IAD of (Read more...)

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