Long-Term Reproducibility of Cirrus HD Optical Coherence Tomography Deviation Map in Clinically Stable Glaucomatous Eyes – Corrected Proof

Objective: To determine the long-term reproducibility of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness deviation map in glaucoma patients. Design: Retrospective, longitudinal study. Participants: One hundred two eyes of 102 glaucoma patients. Methods: From a total of 318 screened glaucoma patients who had undergone at least 3 serial Cirrus HD optical coherence tomography sessions during an 18-month or longer follow-up period, 102 eyes with localized RNFL defects on red-free photographs that did not progress during this period based on stereoscopic disc photography, red-free photography, and standard automated perimetry (SAP) were included. The angular widths from the RNFL thickness deviation maps (Read more...)

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