Delayed-Onset Symptomatic Hyphema After Ab Interno Trabeculotomy Surgery

Recently, the article “Delayed-Onset Symptomatic hyphema after ab interno trabeculotomy surgery” reported that 4.6% of 262 cases demonstrated postoperative spontaneous delayed-onset hyphema after Trabectome surgery. Median time to onset of the hyphema was 8.6 months (range, 2 to 31 months) after surgery. The authors suggest the mechanism of these postoperative bleeds related to exertion or sleep position in the presence of an open blood-aqueous barrier. We would like to report a patient with spontaneous blood reflux during cataract surgery who had undergone trabecular meshwork ablation 2 years earlier. Exploring the cause of this delayed-onset intraoperative bleed may offer an alternative explanation for (Read more...)

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