Myopia and Age-Related Cataract: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To examine if myopia is a risk factor for age-related cataract.Design: Systematic review and meta-analysis.Methods: A systematic review of the literature was performed using PubMed and Embase from their inception to March 2013 for population-based studies with data on myopia and age-related cataract, including nuclear, cortical, and posterior subcapsular (PSC) cataract. Separate meta-analyses for case-control/cross-sectional studies and cohort studies were conducted using random-effects models, with results reported as adjusted odds ratios (ORs) and relative risks (RRs), respectively.Results: A total of 38 007 subjects aged 30-97 years from 12 population-based studies were included in the meta-analysis. Meta-analysis of the 7 (Read more...)

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