Corneal cross-linking: Intrastromal riboflavin concentration in iontophoresis-assisted imbibition versus traditional and transepithelial techniques – Accepted Manuscript

Abstract: Purpose: The present study aimed at determining differences in riboflavin concentration in the anterior, intermediate and posterior stroma after three corneal cross-linking imbibition techniques (standard Epi-off, Epi-on and Iontophoresis-assisted administration) of 0.1% riboflavin.Design: Experimental laboratory investigation of human cadaver corneas not suitable for transplantation.Methods: 10 corneas underwent imbibition with Epi-on (n=3), Epi-off (n=3), iontophoresis (n=3) and saline exposure (control; n=1). Femtosecond laser was used to produce three 8mm discs of the superficial (0-150μm), intermediate (150-300μm) and deep stroma (>300μm). Riboflavin concentration was measured with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. The main outcome measure was riboflavin concentration at the three evaluated depths.Results: (Read more...)

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